A Short Time in Vegas

Las Vegas


March 2019

Our flight lands in Las Vegas.  I would be remiss if I did not spend a little time describing this desert burg nicknamed Sin City although I will be quick to point out that prostitution, which is legal in the state of Nevada, is not permitted by law in Las Vegas.  Lucky for us, Las Vegas has another popular nickname, The Entertainment Capital of the World.  In addition to the characters wandering the streets, you can be entertained by the stage shows and the gambling.  You probably know that gambling is quite the thing in Vegas.  This city pulls in roughly one billion dollars ($1 000 000 000) per month.  Many people find this entertaining.

This $1B does not include the take from the ubiquitous gambling machines;  When- and wherever you turn around in Vegas, there are slot machines.  Lisa throws away $20 every time she flies into LAS, before she even leaves the airport.  And yes, it’s true, there are gambling machines in the men’s rooms.

So, yes, urination is an activity you will undoubtably engage while in Vegas, not to single out this city.  When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, pieces were scattered all over the world, including into the men’s room of the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino which — surprise! — is in Las Vegas.  You get to pee on a chunk of the Berlin Wall!  Take that, you commies!

While in The Entertainment Capital of the World, you can visit the Pinball Hall of Fame, the Barry Manilow Store, the Neon Museum, the Clown Factory and of course, the Elvis Museum.  You can get married at the Gun Store, while playing KISS Monster Mini Golf, at the Mob Museum or at Denny’s Restaurant.

Enough.  In spite of these touristy delights, this place makes me jittery, which I believe is the opposite of entertained.  On to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the antithesis to Las Vegas butt up against it to the east.

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