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Frick Park Chicken Chuck

Pittsburgh March 2021 I bought a farm fresh rotisserie chicken at our local grocery store.  Easy, tasty, just the slightest hint of nutrition. I ate some for dinner and later that night felt a bit queasy, so I went to bed.  The next morning I gave it the carcass test:  I took off the lid […]

The Great Stone Face

The White Mountains New Hampshire 1982 / 2003 One of the remarkable things I have come upon in my travels is the Old Man of the Mountain.  To wit… Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades;  shoe makers hang out a gigantic shoe, jewelers a monster watch and the dentist hangs out […]

Those Crosses

West Virginia July 2011 Route US-19 South, on our way to Mount Rogers, the highest point in Virginia.  We behold an amazing assortment of “roadside attractions,” including the nearly ubiquitous sets of three crosses alongside the highway.  We don’t count how many we see on this trip, but there are easily more than the number […]

The Wild West Lives

The Black Hills South Dakota May 2015 Sometimes it’s easy to spend a very short time in a place and pick up a strong impression.  It’s also easy to spend a very short time in several places and pick up the impression that they are similar.  So it is with Keystone, Custer, Deadwood and Hill […]

The Black Fly

Maine June 2019 Lisa spent the first part of her life in Maine.  I asked her how she handled the black flies when she was a kid.  She scoffed. “My friends and I compared, we held contests.  Who could not scratch for the longest time, who could get the most bites, who could hold out […]

The Possum

or maybe The Opossum Pittsburgh 2016 This is Jean-Clawed.  He lives with me. This is what Jean-Clawed is looking at. This…  thing…  is on my back porch.  It is an opossum.  He does not live with me.  Clearly, you can see that, just by looking at Jean-Clawed’s face. What we have here is the two […]

Paleontologists Get Down

Oklahoma March 2013 This area of the country has long been a hot spot for geologists and paleontologists who like to get down.  Y’know, they dig for remains of dinosaurs that date back to the Jurassic and Triassic periods, as long ago as 245 million years, give or take twenty minutes.  More than 18 tons […]

It’s the Rock

Mount Davis Pennsylvania October 2011 By all means, when you visit this low profile summit, climb the steel lookout tower.  The seven tiers of steps take you about 50 feet higher than the high point, and gets you up above the trees.  Now you’re talkin’!  From the tower, you’ve got a 360° view of the […]


Mount Davis Pennsylvania June 2014 We cross the broad summit on the rocky trail, surrounded by a still recovering forest.  In July of 1999 a storm raged over much of this high point area of the state, smacking down trees and ripping up the flora.  Great wind damage.  There were reports of balls of ice […]

The Fastest Among Us

part III But so can we.  We can outrun, endurance-wise, almost any animal.  We are familiar with panting, that mechanism animals use to stay cool when exerting themselves.  Humans sweat.  Much more efficient, and it’s what allows us to maintain exercise levels of performance for long periods of time.  We are just about the only […]