Birth of Two Highpointers

beginning June 2011

The weekend of July Fourth, 2011 was approaching, Lisa and I had several days off, and an itch to get out into the woods and do some hiking.  We had the enviable dilemma of too many options, all of them equally appealing.  Finally, just two days before our vacation was scheduled to begin, I said, “Hey, Lisa.”

“Yes, Kenn.”

“Let’s go visit a bunch of high points.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Y’know, the highest point in the state.  Let’s go to several states’ high points.  Gimme a minute.”

I pulled out a map and showed her that in the time we had, we could summit five states in one trip.

Lisa looked at me longingly and said, “That sounds like fun!”

And that’s how we started.  We bypassed Pennsylvania as we had been there before.  Which means, in one long weekend, we traveled to five high points:  Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina.

Woo hoo!

It was soon after, perhaps on the way home from these high points, giving us a total of six, when one of us (probably me) said, “Hey, this is great fun.  Let’s go to more high points.”  And then one of us (definitely me) said, “And whenever possible, we have to hike to them.”

And then Lisa (definitely Lisa) said, “Sounds great.  I’m in.”

And with that, two more Highpointers were born.

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