But It’s Raining II

West Rim Trail


July 2003

Appearing here is part of the column The Ballad of Sophie Labowitz:  Part III:  Pine Creek Gorge which can be found at http://asiwentwalking.com/the-ballad-of-sophie-labowitz-part-iii/.

On the third and final day of our backpacking trip on the West Rim Trail, the storm comes back.  Or maybe it’s a whole new storm.  Can’t tell, doesn’t matter, it’s a storm.  The lightning flashes, the thunder booms and the rain rains.  We’ve got a few miles left to hike.  The closer we come to trailhead, the closer the heart of the storm comes to us.

Our final mile is in the raging thunderstorm.  Then the mother of all lightning flashes/thunder claps blasts us so close, I’m surprised it doesn’t fry us.  We are staggered by the noise, scaring us nearly senseless.  When we calm down and are all accounted for, one of our hikers, amidst the tentative, embarrassed laughter, makes the only comment.  “Good thing I used the latrine at camp this morning!”

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