Cleaning Up the Place

Hoosier Hill


March 2012

While we’re here at the highest land mass in Indiana, let’s say hello to a guy named Kyle Cummings.

Seems that until Kyle made his appearance back in 2005, the condition of this high point was somewhat embarrassing, not because it was unexceptional, but because it was an exceptional wreck.  There was a rickety stile placed over a barbed wire fence to ease the walk to the muddy clearing, but to call the overgrown area a clearing was in itself a charitable description.

To earn his Eagle Scout badge, Kyle decided to fix up a church parking lot.  But then he heard about Hoosier Hill and set his sights higher, y’know, on the summit.  You may now behold, due to Kyle’s ambitious project, a cleared clearing and various additional features:  a mailbox embedded in a brick oven, a register which is safely housed in the mailbox inside the brick oven, a picnic table and a bench, a bat box, a circle of field stones which could have been a fire ring, a path leading into the woods from this plateau and the high point rock.

The bat box was a great idea.  When the wind isn’t blowing, which isn’t too often in the eastern part of Indiana, mosquito season is unbearable.  Bats are known to eat 6000 to 8000 mosquitoes a night.  Think about that.  Yum!  Is there anything you can eat six thousand of in one night?  Let’s honor our friends, the bats.  And Kyle too.

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