Enchanted Highway

Enchanted Highway

North Dakota

May 2015

Our next adventure is to drive the Enchanted Highway, a road flanked by sculptures created by Gary Greff, a local artist.  Personally, I’m thinking that if this highway is truly enchanted, then none of these sculptures would have been manufactured, none would have had a human sculptor. Enchanted means, to me, they should have simply appeared one starry evening, unwitnessed by any mortals.  Enchanted speaks of magic, charms, bewitching.

Oh well.  None of that.  However, looking at the faces of the visiting children staring at the overgrown grasshoppers, I guess I can believe in enchantment.  Super-natural gadgets and widgets too.

The Enchanted Highway is an otherwise unremarkable 32-mile stretch of two-lane North Dakota highway connecting Gladstone, a city of 239 residents and Regent, with its 172 residents.  What keeps the Enchanted Highway from being unremarkable is the assembly of scrap metal sculptures, the world’s largest.  Driving from north to south as we do, Geese in Flight is at the junction of the interstate highway and the E H.  Soon enough we come to Grasshoppers in the Field, our favorite, and Fisherman’s Dream.  Continuing south, stopping at every damned one, is Pheasants on the Prairie, Teddy Rides Again and The Tin FamilySpider Webs is not yet finished.

Maybe Spider Webs will be enchanting,   I have hopes.  I mean, when we’re breaking spider webs strung across the trail, I envision how she begins her web.  She gets started with her scaffold on a branch on this side of the trail.  Then she somehow extends it to that branch over here on the other side of the trail.  How does she do that, without external equipment or a harpoon?  Now that’s enchanted.

Also, it might possibly be enchanted that the Enchanted Highway, beginning at the northern end at Gladstone, commences at 100 1/2 Avenue SW.  Then somewhere along the way, it becomes 100th Avenue SW, and ends up as 102 Avenue SW when you pull into Regent.

Magical, mystical North Dakota, in scrap metal.

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