Lobster Tail


November 2013

Let’s talk crustaceans.  After our grueling summit hike of Britton Hill in Florida, where we had to walk 88 feet to get to the monument marking the high point which looked as flat as the surrounding land, Lisa and I decide to treat ourselves to lobster dinner.

Sitting comfortably in the restaurant, I order my lobster.  The waitress tells me, “Sorry hon, lobsters aren’t in season.”

Lobsters aren’t in season? I’m thinking.  Sure they are.  The season in Florida runs from the beginning of August through March.  It is November.

“Huh?” I say glibly.

She says hopefully, “You can order the lobster tail.”

N’wait.  Lobster is out of season but lobster tail is on the menu.  Shouldn’t our waitress say, “Lobsters, above the waist, are out of season”?

Hey.  If they are serving lobster tail, where’s the rest of the lobster?  Maybe only the bottom half is in season?

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