Roadtrip Mountaineer Expressway — Speed Trap

West Virginia/Virginia

July 2011 & July 2014

Lisa and I make a road trip on the Mountaineer Expressway and beyond.  This is one of eleven columns from that trip.

We are on our way to summit the high point of Virginia.  Presently we are on U S Route 19 between Sutton and Beckley in West Virginia, and it’s a world of its own.  Sixty-eight miles.  You could drive it in an hour and a half but most folks take longer.  Lisa offers one explanation when she says, “It sure is roly-poly through here.”

Yah, roly-poly slows you down, but that’s not all.  Behold what one sign informs…

Summersville, The World’s Largest


At the bottom of the sign…

Compliments of Charles S McCue

In the old days on this stretch, the authorities handed out as many as 10 000 speeding tickets in a year.  Heck, one year it was up to 18 000!  That’s one speeding ticket rewarded every 29 minutes.

Charles S McCue is a Summersville, West Virginia real estate developer.  He built the shopping center and commercial properties, as well as housing developments that line either side of US-19.  With the super surveillance of drivers by law enforcement creating the high odds that you will get ticketed, McCue sees the excessive scrutiny as more akin to harassment.  He claims that it keeps his customers away.  Hence his sign.

If you want yourself a big ole ticket, this is the place to be.

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