Roadtrip Mountaineer Expressway — The Midland Trail

West Virginia/Virginia

July 2011 & July 2014

Lisa and I make a road trip on the Mountaineer Expressway and beyond.  This is one of eleven columns from that trip.

After seeing too much roadkill on our way here, our picnic lunch is mostly the opposite of stinky remains.  After our tasty, multi-course meal of feta cheese, fresh basil, tomato, pita bread, hummus and grape leaves, followed by, of course, chocolate, Lisa and I resume our drive on US-60 which is also the Midland Trail.  We are driving a modern wheeled vehicle on a path that was originally carved into the mountains by 18th century bison.  In 1790, George Washington ordered the trail cleared to allow for travel by stage coach.  The Midland Trail.  Somebody has since cleared the trail even more to allow for a 21st century Toyota.

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