String of Pearls: Mile 0

Key West


January 2018

First go to the state of Florida.  Then go to Key West.  If you go to Key West the way most people do, you will enter the island on its east shore in a wheeled vehicle on Route US-1.  US-1 will also be named North Roosevelt Boulevard.  At some point, the name changes to Truman Avenue (as Truman followed Roosevelt.)  Continue southwest, getting off Truman Avenue to turn right onto Whitehead Street.

John Whitehead was stranded in Key West in a shipwreck in 1819.  He became a businessman and landowner, and had a street named after him.

After you’ve turned off Truman Avenue onto Whitehead Street — still on US-1 — go five blocks, get out of your vehicle and take some photos.

US-1 is the longest north-south highway in the country, 2369 miles.  We stand where it begins.  And ends.  Ta-da.

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