Talk Like a Pirate Day

Mount Greylock


May 2014

The Money Brook Trail goes off to the left.  That’s our planned route.  At the junction, we continue straight up the Hopper Trail.  Why do we continue straight up the Hopper Trail instead of turning left onto the Money Brook Trail?  I have no idea.  We read the map, we have our plan, there is never a question of which route we intend to follow.  But for some unknown reason — perhaps at roughly 1100 feet, it’s the altitude, although not likely — we just don’t follow it.

We’re hikers.  We’re Highpointers.  We’re fine.  We’ve followed maps and directions successfully for ten thousand years.  There is no answer to our question.  Just keep hiking, okay?

If it were Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19) we would both say, “Aarghhh.”  We both say “Aarghhh” anyway.  We are well aware that on Talk Like a Pirate Day, the word is “Arrr,” but it’s not Talk Like a Pirate Day.  “Arrr” works fine.  We say “Aarghhh.”

We went straight when we wanted to turn left.  We say “Aarghhh.”  Okay?  It’s fine.  Just keep hiking.

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