Throwing the Chip


March 2013

Black Mesa is the highest point in Oklahoma.  137 miles east of Black Mesa as the crow flies, or 183 miles as the crow drives, but still in the Panhandle, is a town called Beaver.  Beaver is — did you know this? — the Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World.

You want summa dis?

For each human, sixteen cows live in Beaver.  Every April, Beaver hosts the World Championship Cow Chip Throw.  You don’t need to ask how this competition got started.  Imagine sixteen cows for each one of you and everyone you know, and imagine how many cow chips those cows produce.  You’ve got to get rid of ‘em somehow!

This is truly an international event as “Chippers,” as I like to call them, come from all over the world to hurl.  The contest has several mascots.  One is King Cow Chip, a cow plop wearing a crown.  The more famous Beaver town mascot, Big Beaver, is set up in the downtown area, holding one of these meadow muffins, getting his picture taken by thousands of tourists.

I think it unfortunate that Lisa and I are unable to visit this attraction on this trip.  I may be wrong.

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